Affordable Care Act and the Effect on the Economy

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Affordable Care Act and the effect on the economy
The Affordable Care Act, also called Obama Care, was signed into law by president Barrack Obama, on March 23, 2010 (Erickson, Scott 1). What exactly is the Affordable Care Act? It was a legislation that addressed the idea that all Americans should have access to affordable health care. The act was passed only after intense political battles in Congress, and as the legislation lingers through installment enhancements there is a great deal of doubt developing.

Many were faulted into believing that the health care reform would “create 4 million jobs and nearly 480,000 jobs immediately” (Democratic Policy & Communications Center). However, multiple economists have viewed these statistics as unsustainable. The plan also affects how insurance companies were required to refund the money back to clients that was not used. For example, if a patient is dismissed but returns to the hospital within 30 days, the Government is allowed to withhold the Medicare payments used to pay for the procedure (Cutler, David) Also, the plan affects how insurances are now required to give money back to their clients do not use. We live in in a society where some of the most money is made from the pharmaceutical careers. Yet, the majority of the protestors and activists were doctors and hospitals refusing to allow the bill negatively affect them.

One of the greatest concerns has been in the area of small businesses. A study from the National Federation of Independent businesses justifies how small businesses have the biggest problem supporting their employees with health benefits. Many Americans speculate whether or not the bill will actually benefit small businesses. Instead of helping the business owner...

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... Ohio hamburger chain says insurance reform will bite into profits. 4 July 2010.
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