Affirmative Action Case Study

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Affirmative action is a controversial method of ending job discrimination that became effective with “executive order 11246 by president Lyndon B. Johnson. This required that all federal contractors and subcontractors to develop affirmative action programs.” (Dempsey/Forst 2013) Essentially, affirmative action meant that employers had to take steps to make sure that equal opportunity was provided. This was meant to be a proactive method to help rectify the previous discrimination issues. Affirmative action was intended to help improve educational and employment opportunities for members belonging to minority groups. I do not agree with affirmative action first and foremost because I believe affirmative action is reverse discrimination (favoring individuals belonging to groups known to have been discriminated against previously.) To me, it is a racist legislation that does not support the idea of equality or equal rights, but special rights. Secondly, Affirmative action has lowered job standards especially through the implementation of quotas. In turn, this lowers productivity due to hiring ill equipped and unqualified individuals. Lastly I think Affirmative action creates more tension within society.…show more content…
Women play a critical role in law enforcement, as an example: “Rape victims or women abused by their spouses plausibly find it easier to discuss the traumatic events with women officers. Without female officers, many attacks against women may go undetected—thus lowering the cost of attacking women and resulting in even more attacks.” (Lott, J 2000) Regarding women, I think affirmative action breeds feminism. Feminist believe that men have some form of privilege that women lack. In order to solve this imbalance, affirmative action increased opportunity for women. This is a form of sexism against men, thus contradicting the entire idea of Affirmative action and the reason it was implemented in the first

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