Affirmative Action

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Affirmative Action The Webster dictionary defines affirmative action as an “active effort to improve the employment or educational opportunities of members of minority groups…” This paper will discuss the history of affirmative action and its effects on education and the work force in our society. I will argue why affirmative action is necessary for minorities to gain equal opportunities educationally and economically and how affirmative action is morally required as reparation for past discrimination. I will also discuss why many people believe that affirmative action is a step in the wrong direction and point out several arguments as to why we should get rid of affirmative action and try to validate their claims. Affirmative action requires that supervisors in charge of economic and educational opportunities take into consideration a candidate’s sex, disabilities, and ethnic background when accepting positions, especially if the candidate’s ethnic affiliation has had a history of racial discrimination. These minority groups are entitled to special considerations, typically viewed as payments made by the government to settle past discrimination. The effects of affirmative action have been well seen in economic and educational systems where educators and employers have long been pressured into giving preference to minorities even if they lesser qualifications, to help write off past discrimination. Affirmative action was established on the basis that because of the past discrimination of races, our nation was unable to flourish into what it should have become- a nation which provided equal opportunity regardless of a person’s race. It is in my opinion that had our country never oppressed colored people to such a great exten... ... middle of paper ... ...nathan. Long Way to Go: Black and White in America. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1998. Thomas D. Boston, Affirmative Action and Black Entrepreneurship. New York: Routledge, 1999. Geiger, H Jack. "Race and Health Care-An American Dilemma?" New England Journal of Medicine 335(11):815-816 (1996) Gould, Stephen Jay. The Mismeasure of Man. New York: Norton & Co., 1981. Curry, George. The Affirmative Action Debate. Massachusetts: Addison Wesley, 1996. Wise, A.E., Darling-Hammond. Effective teacher selection: From recruitment to retention. R-3462-NIE/CSTP, Washington, DC: RAND Corporation., 1987 Rosenfeld, Michel. Affirmative Action and Justice: A Philosophical and Constitutional Inquiry. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1991. Rothman, Stanley; Lipset, Seymour Martin & Nevitte, Neil, "Racial Diversity Reconsidered," The Public Interest Spring 2003.
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