Aerosol as a Negative Effect in Society

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Aerosol as a Negative Effect in Society If you were to look at a few of the products sitting around or maybe some you are using, you probably wouldn’t think twice about the effects they have on society. Many products that are used everyday were produced with positive affects in mind, but what many people don’t realize is that many have harmful affects. Many products have directly and indirectly destroyed people’s lives, changing the way we view these products. In Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein constructed his monster in an effort to create life. When the monster began to be rejected from society, he insisted on becoming a threat to man. Many products we use everyday are changing people’s lives and changing the environment; Not for the better like they were intended, but for the worse. Like Frankenstein’s monster, aerosol was produced with positive interest in mind but has risen as a major threat and concern to today’s society. The first use, which will later be evolved into aerosol, of compressed air was in the early 1700’s. Compressed air was used in jackhammers along with many other tools that required pressure to operate them. Compressed air is able to travel through a small air turbine to turn a shaft, or can be expanded through a nozzle to produce a high-speed jet, as in a paint sprayer. A Swiss mathematician and physicist, named Daniel Bernoulli, made this discovery. He used the concept of pressurizing aerosol in a container to dispense a wide variety of substances in the form of fine sprays, foams, or liquid streams. Bernoulli’s first purpose of using aerosol was to disprove the concept that as the speed of a moving fluid increases, the pressure within that fluid decreases. Bernoulli’s P... ... middle of paper ... ...oon as possible. Many people are not aware of the affects aerosol has on society. Most products that have negative effects usually affect just one aspect of our world. Aerosol was produced to be a positive product, but has risen as a major threat and concern to today’s society. Many of today’s products have negative affects on society, but aerosol has not only damaged just a few people’s lives as being an inhalant, it has also affected the entire world by depleting the ozone. Even after the extensive research on the positive and negative aspects of aerosol on society, I’m still undecided on my decision whether aerosol is beneficial or has done more harm than it is worth. I don’t feel this paper was a waste of time, because I have become more aware of how everyday products can not only benefit us, but also do harm and damage to the world we live in.

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