Aeroperu Flight 603

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Buyannemekh Munkhbat MIE 657 Case Study 9, 10 Caught On Tape Summary AeroPeru Flight 603 was scheduled a flight from Miami, Florida to Santiago, Chile and had a stepover in Peru. Since an older plane, an AeroPeru 727, had technical problems, the 727’s crew had retired for the night and Captain Eric Schreiber and Copilot David Fernandez were picking up the flight with Boeing 757 at the airport in Lima, Peru. On October 2, 1996, the plane travelling from Peru to Chile impacted the ocean and all 70 people on board were killed. The crash investigators found that all three left-side static ports were covered with metallic tape prior to washing. The mechanicians forgot to remove tapes and pilots did not see that when they were doing external investigation prior to take-off. Because all three static ports were covered, the sensors could not measure outside air pressure and, thus altitude and speed.…show more content…
Unfortunately, they could not help. They were giving wrong information. After few minutes later they told their altitude was 9700 feet the plane hit the water and sank in the sea. List at least two causes Static ports were not able to transmit true information because it was covered with metallic tape Although, two pilots were not bad, they were not well trained. Pilots had to do the external investigation prior to flying at the dark night. Therefore they could not see the tape on static ports, which were 15 feet off the ground. List at least two ways to design the system to avoid the accident Only if mechanicians had removed the tapes, this could not have

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