Aeneas, Achilles, and Hector

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Aeneas is a Trojan leader, born of mortal Anchises and the goddess of beauty and love, Venus. Because of his parents, Aeneas is benefitted by surviving the Trojan War and beginning the rule of the Roman Empire. From the start of the Aeneid, it is clear that Aeneas is a confident man with determination and pride. He is a leader of men and, to many, is seen as a hero for several reasons. Throughout the book, there are various scenes that show different sides of Aeneas, however. Therefore, it is difficult to say what kind of a hero he is overall. Aeneas being the son of a goddess makes him a perfect candidate for being a leader and hero. Gods and goddesses are known to make alterations to characters’ fates because of their personal tastes and interests. It is clear that Aeneas’ survival in the siege of Troy may have had less to do with his own talent, but rather his relationship with the gods. Aeneas accepts his fate and obeys the gods willingly throughout the Aeneid. He is given a goal of starting the Roman Empire and he never stops trying to achieve that, even when it means he must ...
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