Ae 341 Reflection Paper

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ACE 341 has been one of my favorite classes that I have taken and I feel that it has greatly increased my general knowledge of financial planning. When we first wrote about our career objectives on the first day I realized I had very little information and no experience in financial planning. At that time, I had decided I wanted to attend graduate school and obtained my CFP right after school, while all the information was still fresh in my mind. The only thing I could think to write for my first job objective was to get a summer internship with any company even closely related to financial planning. My long term goal was to work as a partner for a big financial planning group such as Merrill Lynch and my ideal internship was to work at…show more content…
The fact that most of them were recent graduates from U of I, really put it into perspective and gave me hope that I can actually make it in the real world. I am now much more confident about my career objectives and feel like I now have the knowledge to reach these objectives from what I have learned in ACE 341. The class also gave us a peek into several well known companies in the financial planning field and I learned that different companies operate very differently and with different ideals. Before taking the class, I had no clue there was more than one way that these companies charged their clients. Now, I know the difference between commissions, fee based and fee only financial planning. This gives me something that I can research about a company and have a conversation about during a career fair or job interview. Reading the book, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College, by Alexandra Levit, really helped answer many of the concerns I had about starting a career and how to deal with all the new responsibilities. I liked how she not only gave tips to solve the problems, but also gave very detailed examples of how one should properly analyze the situations. I believe the book has influenced how I will go about choosing my objectives and actually achieving them. I found it to be very beneficial to find some way to relate what she discussed in each chapter to my personal life and how I can apply it in the
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