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Fallacious reasoning is the act of forming strong one sided opinions based on one’s perceptions in regards to marketing. Sometimes the reasoning can present a strong message; such as that from a dogmatic viewpoint where only one true choice exist within the mind of the observer. Though not always disagreeable such as the fallacious reasoning dogmatism; fallacious reasoning is used a lot in today’s advertising to influence people in society’s thinking, social atmospheres, and outlooks. The vessels used to reach these unknowing test subjects are viewers are promoted through media networks, or popular culture icons. Advertisements! By marketing the same advertisements encountered daily by people. A day to day interactions the viewer become the source through which fallacious reasoning can advertise its message. In advertising the reasoning’s message can just as easily educate, and identify information to the viewer, as it can entertain. This is because in advertising the fallacious reasoning usually agrees with a mental or emotional aspect of the viewer. Once the advertisement along with its disguised message is marketed to mass amounts of people it can multiply its audience. In return this audience becomes future consumers, naysayer though not sought, or supporters of the product, or services being advertised. By doing this a marketer can create a scheme that angles advertising to appeal to many consumers, and get their advertised and unadvertised message heard. Some of the types of reasoning used to show following examples of erroneous reasoning from fallacious advertisements are dogmatism, bandwagon and sentimental appeal.

To begin dogmatism a fallacious belief that supposes one should forego all of their other belief sy...

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... daily as they encounter by the media outlets advertisement. Fallacious reasoning can capture the viewer either emotionally or mentally with advertising like the above mentioned and can generate how they form opinions, make future decisions or choices, and base their thinking, social atmosphere or outlooks.

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