Advertising for Children

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1. Give examples of methods used by companies in order to make children buy their products?
Different companies use different methods in order to sell junk food. Since they know that the technology has become the primary tool in children’s life, companies try to make children eat unhealthy food by implementing different computer games. For example, Pepsi Company used a computer game competition created a breezy Starburst in order to make people win money by sending text messages. Other companies used games such as selling McDonald products including plastic burgers and chicken nuggets.

2. What does Sue Davies of the magazine Which? recommend?

Nowadays children have access to the internet even if they are at home, searching on the net, playing games etc. Sue Davis of the magazine Which said that the government should take into consideration the ways how junk food is manifested to the children. Taking into account the high number of obese children and different illnesses, the government should prevent those advertisements by punishing companies that continue to promote games on junk food.

3. Why is there increasing concern about Internet-based advertisements aimed at young people?

There is a big concern about the Internet- Based advertisement because nowadays everything is related to technology. Children are those who grow up surrounded by technology. They watch different movies, listen music, read books, post articles etc. In one way the internet as well as different advertisements affect their lives and people become addicted to it.

Opgave 2

Solve one of the following tasks in English. Select either task 1 or task 2.
You have to bring up a well-structured solution that is based on the English text.

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... of those companies that made children eat junk food by sending marketing messages. I am worried that this will affect the image of our company and we will lose our clients too. I thought that there is a better way how we can keep the image of our business. First, we should sell our products cheaper without advertising on the internet. People who come here for sure will tell others about the sales and that’s how we will keep the consumers without publishing on the internet. This is just one option, for better solution I informed all the staff and arranged a meeting about the problem so we completely can share more ideas and come to a better solution.

The meeting will be held in the meeting office. (Burger Bites meeting office)
Date 29/11/2013
Time: 07:00 pm
I hope that as a great team we will achieve the best for our company.
With respect: Tony Rickman
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