Advertising Tricks and Misleading Media

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In todays society, we can see the media and especially social media everywhere. It is the most effective means in influencing people’s mind. Since all companies exist to create profit by selling as many of their product as possible, they are able to take advantage of the media by creating advertisements. Unfortunately, most companies will say just about anything to sell their products. Because of this, there has been a lot of misleading and untruthful factors created in advertisements.

“Weasel words” (Lutz 127) are one of the ways that author William Lutz, in his essay, "With These Words, I Can Sell You Anything”, describe the terms or words that advertisers use in order to convince their customers to buying their products. This is one of the most deceitful things that is more than often found in advertisement. With these words, without breaking any laws, advertisers are able to make a product appear as if they are claiming something that might not be true. Thus creating a misleading or untruthful information. Although it is very smart for advertisers to be able to think of these words and to be able to legally trick consumers mind, it is still very wrong to advertise or state things, especially publicly, that simply isn’t true. “Help”(Lutz 128), is one of the “weasel words” that is use by advertisers to tricks the minds of the consumers that it will somehow stop, cure, or eliminate something. When in fact, helping only means that it will assist, or aid something, without the specification on how much it will help.

When creating an advertisement, it is better to put in factual information rather than creating a persuasive advertising with false claim. Informative advertisement could help companies sell their products witho...

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...cts works differently in different situations, so I can’t really expect too much of a product, but I do expect it to help in one way or another.

Overall, in todays world, we can see advertisement everywhere. Some of them might be truthful and some might not. In the end, it is up to us if we want to believe what we see in the media or to ignore it. I’ve been taught, when I was small, not to believe everything in the media, and to think for myself, to never let anyone negatively influence my decisions in life. Although, it is harder to do that now, as there are ways that the media can trick our mind with their choice of words or their methods of advertising. It is very important that we do our research before falling onto these advertisement and becoming a victim of false advertising.

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