Advertising: The Foundation of All Corporations

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Did you know 95% of all new companies are said to fail within their first five years of business( Most of these companies fail due to the lack of planning. They may have not done any marketing campaigns, which includes advertising and promotional activities, or they could have not done these objectives properly. Advertising has always been a way to help those that need to disseminate information about themselves around. There have been many companies that lasted an elongated amount of time but, with an insufficient amount of transactions, they eventually had to close. This is due to the lack of planning and advertising! As the most important aspect of most corporations, advertising allows these corporations a way to promote a company or an upcoming product, ensure local economic stability, and provide a use of all the technological advancements. In all, advertising is essential for all those corporations that strive to succeed.

Advertising does help the community but, there are those that influence people of all ages to match the status-quo or to leave ones judgement under those of power. Tobacco companies were one of those that misused advertising. They did not cogitate the effects that it will have on children. Many kids believed that to seem cool they had to attain cigarettes to be popular. This amplified the sales for the tobacco companies but, the community itself was suffering due to the influence of the tobacco commercials. People were more attracted to the commercials due to the tobacco companies adding in the aspects of the emotions such as attraction, change, self-acceptance and more( Tobacco companies are not the only ones that misuse advertising and its capabilities. Clothing m...

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... important factor that will help a corporation withstand all the harsh events that will happen in the future.

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