Advertising Strategy: Nike

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Nike is multinational company that is occupied in the design, development, and manufacturing of worldwide and sales of footwear, apparel, accessories and service. Nike was originally founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in May 30, 1971 The name was converted over to Nike by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. This is a brand that has been around for a very long time. As years progress, Nike have expanded their business in other countries. Nike has 858 retail store locations worldwide. With most of those locations being in other countries, Nike had to develop a way to advertise to different countries in other languages. If they never took the time to analyze how to reach the different audience, they would have missed out on new consumers and profit. The…show more content…
Also, the marketing team of Nike had to learn that there should not be barriers when it comes to marketing their product to the general public. If one strategy did not work, they will create another strategy that will execute reaching all consumers.
Advertising Strategies
Nike has all of these different outlets under their umbrella. They have the Nike app, Nike digital launch, Nike fuel band, Nike Sport watches, and that is not to mention the actual shoes and apparel that Nike sales. But because they have so many branches they have to have a strong strategy to get the word out about these products. The way that Nike advertise in the U.S. is by print publications, Television, and a large range of social media. So their website is not the only thing that is spreading the word about their products. what is interesting
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In the matter of minutes of a click of a button you are learning about a new running shoe being advertised. Or maybe you are flipping through a sports magazine and come across a Nike ad. Not to mention all the apps that Nike has, the commercials on television that reminds you to” JUST DO It”. The strategies that have allowed Nike to be Successful in the U.S. Have also allowed their international branches to be just as successful. With different strategies to cater to those consumer’s specific needs at that time. And to base the strategy off the need of the consumer. And because of those things they have been able to reach consumers in the U.S. as well as consumers in other countries. That is why Nike have remained to be successful in the U.S. and Internationally because their strategy has always been about putting the consumer first and building a strategy based off what the consumer needs in that region. In the United States, Nike is able to sale their products through websites, major sports facilities, and smaller sneaker establishments. For an example, China may sell the actually product but they may not have the additional outlets as Nike may have in the United States. So, China sales may not exceed like they would exceed elsewhere. Global campaign is a great thing. But if the campaign doesn’t reach the international market it was intended to reach. That means there are other countries left out of knowing about the
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