Advertising Strategy: Jetblue's Marketing Strategy

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JetBlue’s marketing strategy focuses on offering a high-quality customer attentive low-cost product that provides amenities other airlines are unwilling to provide on their low-cost fares. The goal is to attract new customers while retaining current customers and to bridge the gap between low-cost fares and quality air travel, which JetBlue believes need not be mutually exclusive (JetBlue Airways Corporation, 2015). Overall this strategy has been very successful, attracting new customers and earning repeat customers through its innovative additions to its aircraft and by having more free amenities than any other airline. Additionally JetBlue Airways has been ranked highest in customer satisfaction among low-cost carriers in North America by J.D. Power for the last 11 years in a row (JetBlue Airways, n.d.). In spite of comparable fare costs, JetBlue seeks to differentiate itself from its competitors through its unparalleled customer satisfaction, diverse entertainment free of charge and more personal space and legroom than its competitors provide (JetBlue Airways Corporation, 2015). While it is well known for providing a wide variety of free amenities, JetBlue is continuously seeking new ways to enhance …show more content…

The first and most frequently used medium by customers is, JetBlue’s main website where customers can purchase tickets and explore special offers from the airline (JetBlue Airways, n.d.). This main site is also the primary means used by customers for purchasing tickets and can be used in conjunction with mobile applications on smart phones that result in a seamless purchase of airfare (JetBlue Airways Corporation, 2015). In addition to its main website, JetBlue utilizes social media outlets such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to advertise its services and to directly interact with customers in real time (Gianatasio,

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