Advertising: Sex Sells

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Glamour, Life & Style, Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and People; what do you see when you open these magazines? Women who are beautiful, young, flawless, sexy, flirty, provocative, fashionable, seductive, innocent, and happy. What do you think as you look at the pages in the magazine? I would like to look like her. What do you say to your self when you see the product? Will this product help me look like her? Magazines play a part in creating the image of sex sells. Advertisers use an image to create an advertisement to sell a product. The Purpose of advertising is not to sell sex, but to attract the consumer. Their talent is the ability to transform seemingly neutral object to create a desirable product. It’s no wonder that we are so obsessed with our bodies and how the world looks at us. Woman want to be desirable and some would do almost anything to achieve the look of what the world sees as being sexy. Magazines target a certain audience, giving advertisers a way of targeting a specific audience. Magazines like Elle and Vogue target an audience who prefer fashion and cultural lifestyle 1. The advertising in this magazine will target audiences that are mainly interested in fashion and living a wealthy lifestyle. The advertisements that you would mostly see would be products of name brands, like Dolce and Gabbana, Rolex, Tiffany’s, and high end products. Cosmopolitan and Glamour Magazines target audiences who are more trend conscious and stylish. This audience is between the age group of 18-40 whose interests are fashion, beauty, hair styles, relationships, health etc 2. Advertisements in these magazine will be brand names, like Tommy Hillfigure, Coach, Maybelline, an enormous amount of beauty products. Life & Style and Peo... ... middle of paper ... ...in_klein_billboard_offen.php Is the calvin Klien Billboard Offensive?. By Jen Carlson in News on June 15, 2009 12 Calvin Klein 13 Brief History of the company and the Marciano brothers June 25, 2009 14 Image- Anna Nicole #5 15 Celebrities in Advertising 16 Natalie Portsman Goes Topless for Dior Perfume Ad by Justin Fenner-1/12/2011 17 Elle Magazine April Issue no.308 18 Eva Mendes' New Calvin Klein Ads: Greased Up & Topless (NSFW PHOTOS)

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