Advertising Information Or Manipulation?

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Advertising Information or Manipulation Every company is trying to grab the consumers so they make unhealthy advertisements which really affect the minds of children and their health which is not good for the society. Advertisers did not pay attention towards the safety of the customers, their main focus is on the profit maximisation by directly advertise to children. Advertising have a lot of negative effects on children. It is argued that advertising is directed at children; companies target their vulnerability and wanting things they do not need. Advertising influences children’s habits, preferences, their occupational expectations and companies making children’s attitude materialistic just for their own benefit. As a resut of this there are many problems arises in family relationships. Children personal preferences in clothing, food and toys are altered by the companies advertisements to a great extent. By watching advertisements children’s mind diverted to the concept of advertisement and observes the ideas and information which adversely affect the behaviour of children. “In a study it is found that commercials did not create stereotypes, they suggested advertising could play a powerful role in reinforcing stereotypes. Their study reveals that products advertised to girls focused on themes of popularity and beauty, while boy oriented commercials tended to concentrate on power and speed”(Courtney and Whipple, 1983). Using unfair means in the advertising have also bad affect on the children social development and purchase behaviour. Children today are exposed to all types of advertisements on various media like television, print media and internet as well. Many companies have their sep... ... middle of paper ... ...nk food advertisements have a lot of affects on the young mind of the children and they consume fast food more as compared to any other nutritious food and have adversely affect their habits and health. Obesity is increasing rapidly in children is also as a result of advertisements of fast food which is low in nutrition. Parents have to look after their children health and make some efforts to teach their children how to become less influenced by the messages in the advertisements and what are the negative effects of advertisements. Government should make some rules and regulations to control the impact of advertisements so that the companies do not directly influence the children mind and sure that there is no bad effect of advertisements on the behaviour of children. Some regulatory body should be established to keep an eagle eye on the marketers and advertisers.
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