Advertising Impact On Social Media

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In today 's world, print ads are a dying form of advertising. A new form of marketing is beginning to sweep over consumers: social media. Social media is quickly becoming essential for businesses, leaving print ads and television commercials in the dust. With the rise of importance in social media, companies have been able to adapt and integrate this technology to improve their marketing and advertising. Companies have improved their marketing using social media by reaching more consumers in different ways, reaching their specific target audience more efficiently and maintaining closer relationships with their customers Social media is a phenomenon unlike any other in its ability to grow and reach millions of people so rapidly. Facebook achieved…show more content…
One explanation for the explosion of social media is because of how accessible it is, both for advertisers and consumers. Provided the consumer has internet, almost all social media sites are free, this is what brings in people of all ages and financial situations. On the advertisers side, setting up a social media page for their business is free as well. This is the reason that social media is on the rise in the world of marketing. Advertisements in newspapers, and commercials on big television channels are very expensive. (Osburn 8) Advertising on social media helps cut the cost, while also gaining high returns. Because of the easiness and affordability of social media many new smaller businesses can now construct effective marketing plans.(Thomsett-Scott 2) What was once only possible for large companies and businesses is now attainable for smaller businesses and family businesses through the use of social media advertising. Another reason for why social media reaches such a large amount of people is because of how many different sites there are. While almost everyone knows about the most popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, there are many other websites that can reach a large…show more content…
Before the era of social media, most target audiences would be solely defined by age and gender. Now however, advertisers can market to specific groups of people through their location, interests, hobbies and passions based on what they like or follow on social media. Facebook will also show the user ads based on what they have been saying or sharing on their profile.(Smith 283) This targeted advertising helps advertisers reach consumers who will likely be interested in their product, and therefore more likely to click on the link and buy from the company. Through Youtube, advertisers can make videos targeted to their specific audience and then post them to their social media websites so that this audience sees the video.(Osburn 28) Companies can also join groups on social media with other companies in the same industry as them. This will allow them to see what their competitors are doing and hone in on the type of people that other companies in their industry are targeting.(Osburn 13) Advertisers can also use different social media sites depending on what demographic they are trying to target. A business who 's target audience is an older, more professional audience would have more success on Foursquare or Linkedin than they would on Facebook. Similarly if a business wanted to target young adults they would have more success on Facebook or

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