Advertising Has A Negative Impact to Society

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In a consumer driven economy, the purchasing of goods allows it to thrive. Although need is a large contributor to what is purchased, often times it is desire that fills the much needed spending gap. With personal debt on the rise in the United States, it is hard not to think about what would happen if every individual only purchased what they needed. Would that help lower the nation’s debt or would it drive the economy into the ground? With the large presence of advertisements in everyday life, it’s hard to imagine what the day would look like without them. Although advertisements pay for a large portion of entertainment, they will always keep consumers wanting the best of the best, or the most popular, even if it means presenting ‘kind-of’ true information. Living life is no longer about enjoying it, but about status; having the nicest items and being better than everyone because of those material possessions. Utilizing techniques such as distorting facts and emotional manipulation, advertising is a negative impact to society. When purchasing goods it is often assumed that the information presented is accurate, but in the eyes of advertising companies it is all about getting a product sold, even if that means distorting facts. It is not only advertising companies that do this. Organizations do this in an attempt to “slam” other people or rival organizations. Eric Shaw and Stuart Alan, authors of The Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising, state that “advertising was instrumental in creating a mass market” for cigarettes, and “despite an expanding awareness of health risks and increasing advertising restrictions,” the market continued to increase. Despite the growing knowledge about how detrimental cigar... ... middle of paper ... ...ut the advertising, but only about what emotions will push them into purchasing the promoted item. Advertising based on techniques like distorting facts and manipulating emotions result in a negative effect on society. Nobody purchases only what they need, because in today’s day and age it implies a lower image to others. There will be no end to advertising completely, but it is necessary to not take information in such ads at face value. Do some research before a purchase and don’t let advertising control how or why purchased are made simply because of how ‘cool’ the product may make you look. Works Cited Bowers, Becky. "Line by Line: How an Ad Uses Sleight-of-hand to Distort Facts on Stimulus." PolitiFact., 4 May 2012. Web. 05 Dec. 2013. "Value Of Advertising." Value of Advertising. World Federation of Advertisers, n.d. Web. 04 Dec. 2013.
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