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Advertising In advertising, the advertiser wants the viewer/reader to buy into his/her product and if that person buys the product, the goal has been accomplished. However, when delivering a news story, one is not judges a success, or not depending whether they gain any kind of personal advances or satisfaction. That being said, the goal of both is to reach the audience and inform them of the information that is being delivered. It is hard to say, which delivery is harder to get through, and it probably has more to do with what is being sold. With advertising, one knows what they are selling and there is a good chance that they like what there selling, whereas a news reporter is telling what needs to be said and it may very well not be fun to report on. For my news story, the first question that I would ask myself to begin developing a story would be a basic one. (Where will I be able to put this information, in order to get the largest audience informed of the museum shop expansion?) I would also want to know, (who had the final say in this decision?) This would tell me who could be a person I could quote and have as my main source. I would also try to find out what my main audience can relate to in this subject (Why will people care?). (When will the change officially occur?) If it is going to be a change that will occur sooner, rather than later, I may want to press the issue more than if it were not going to take place for some time. (Do we want to make this issue more of a news piece or a personal interest story?) Some people may take offense to something
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