Advertisements : Children As Consumers With Television

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Children As Consumers With Television As Their Guide We live in a society made up of corporations and consumers, where advertising becomes a second language, and television jingles become our theme songs. From a very early age, children are exposed to advertisements promoting toys or foods that they view as necessities. Some countries are working to ban advertisements targeting children, as their well-being is seen to be at risk. In a country that is as corporate driven as America, protecting children from these "harms" would only put them at risk when they grow into adults. Being informed about advertising techniques will create more intelligent, savvy consumers who are vital for the future of our nation. Because of the importance in being informed about advertising at a young age, as well as the consumer rights we have in our nation, advertisements targeting children should be freely televised on our airwaves. In the United States, for both adults and children, advertising has become a part of our daily lives, whether we recognize it or not. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, (“American” 2014) the average working adult watches 2.8 hours of television during their workdays, while children watch around four hours a day (“Media” 2005). Regulating advertising geared towards children would not allow them to grow into informed consumers as adults, who watch less programming but encounter more advertisements. When about one half of the time spent watching television is shared between parents and children (Sweet, D. & Singh, R. 1995), open discussion regarding the content of what they see should be easily shared by the parents. It is often suggested that children can’t understand what advertisements accomplish, and this is w... ... middle of paper ... ...ions regarding advertisements aimed towards children in place. Therefore, the advertising of fast food geared towards children is not the relevant issue, and we cannot accept that these bans on advertisements as effective. It is important to protect children against things harmful to them in the media, but eliminating advertisements is not the logical way to do it. Advertising is so important to corporations, and also important to the development of children in our society. There are many ways to inform children of the goal of advertisers, from their parents to schools, and even warnings that could be added to advertisements. It’s clear that we would rather have educated youth in America, than have our children growing up knowing censorship and regulation. Allowing free advertising will only benefit our economy in the long run, and our children will thank us later.

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