Advertisement for Ghost Creek Golf Course

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Ghost Creek, A Great Place to Play

The July 4, 1998 issue of Golfweek magazine contains an advertisement about a well-known golf course in Cornelius, Oregon. The golf course is called Ghost Creek and the owners’ claim of policy is that they want people to come and play their golf course. The owners’ use a beautiful picture of the course to entice the reader to come and play the golf course. The advertisement uses claims of both fact and value, to further the claim of policy as well as offering supports and warrants to give credibility to the claim of policy.

To further Ghost Creek’s claim of policy in the advertisement, the owners offer many claims of fact. One claim of fact that is offered by the advertisement is that the magazine, Golf Digest, chose Ghost Creek to be the best new public golf course for the year, 1992. Likewise, another credible golf magazine, Golf Magazine, ranked Ghost Creek 13th out of the top 100 one can play for the year, 1998. Furthermore, many very prestigious golf tournaments have been played on Ghost Creek, including the Nike Tour Championship in 1993 and 1994 and also the 1996 United States Amateur Championship, which was won by the great Tiger Woods. These claims of fact, as one can, see are used to further Ghost Creek’s claim of policy, which is to come and play a great championship golf course.

Once more to further Ghost Creek’s claim of policy in the advertisement, the owners offer not only claims of fact, but also many claims of value. One claim of value Ghost Creek offers is just the sheer beauty of the golf course, as seen in the picture of the advertisement. This claim of value lets the reader feel as if he or she is there in real life. Another claim of value the golf course offers is that Tiger Woods has played and won a major tournament there, the 1996 U.S. Amateur Championship. This claim of value provides the reader with knowledge that one of the great pros in the game today has played there. Many readers would want to come and play a golf course where one of the best has played and won. Other claims of value that the advertisement entails are how relaxing, still, and quiet it is at Ghost Creek.
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