Advertisement: Leading to Destruction.

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More than half of young ladies are doubting their body image because of all the advertisement seen every day. People may not realize the impact that advertisements have on the younger generations especially the girls. As it is young girls are vulnerable and have low self-esteem at this age. Some of the negative effects that the advertisement may have are: eating disorders, encouraging young ladies grow up faster than they are supposed to, girls being subjective to degrade themselves. Advertisements need to stop influencing young women to live by a false image because it’s an unrealistic expectation.
Often people misinterpret the point that ads are trying to get across. Teenage girls are persuaded to change their appearance in order to fit in. In the article “We define Beauty!” It tells people how media affects girls. “Research tells us that girls who watch a lot of media are more likely to conform to stereotypes, especially about appearance” (We define beauty). This issue is emphasized amorously on holidays, mainly Halloween with that day giving everyone an opportunity to dress up as they please. We all have seen those Party City commercials where there are provocative princesses and other outfits. USA Today magazine states this in an article “ . . . Sexualized Halloween costumes for girls has become a lucrative business and parents are concerned that this trend is sending wrong message to their children” ( Sexy Costumes Inappropriate for Young Girls). Eating is a way of life it is the key to your health. It is a very important part of everyone’s life and when something that is important is disturbed it affects someone’s life drastically. Knowing that advertisements have influenced and pressured many young adults to the point...

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...coming up with clever new ways for you to see their products”(By The Numbers) Advertisements instead of helping out society pull down and harm the younger generations.

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