Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The book ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,’ begins with Aunt Polly, Tom’s aunt, searching for Tom Sawyer around the house. When she catches his, she asks if he went swimming during school, and Tom denied it. She finds out that he is lying, but before she can do anything, Tom runs away fast. Tom Sawyer meets a new boy in the village, who he fights. When returning home, Aunt Polly catches him sneaking in and punishes him the next day. On Saturday Tom is forced to paint the fence white. He was too lazy so he for others to do it for the price of any object they had with them. He then comes to the realization that making things more difficult and harder to attain makes it more desirable for others. When he told his Aunt about him finishing the fence, she checked to see if he did it all, and was shocked. Tom got an apple as a reward then went for a walk. On his walk, he saw a new girl at Jeff Thatcher’s house, she is so angelic – like that he forgets the girl he liked, Amy Lawrence. When at home his Aunt Polly beats up Tom because his half-brother, Sid, dropped the sugar jar. The next day, Tom goes to Sunday school and shows-off by asking Mr. Walters for a Bible because he had ten red tickets. He did this to show-off in front of Judge Thatcher, Becky Thatcher’s father. Tom introduces himself to Judge Thatcher and answers his questions about the Bible. Because Tom is bored at Sunday school, he begins to watch the poodle and the pinch bug, this keeps him occupied during his boredom. Tom refuses to go to school on Monday morning, so he attempts to make up excuses and fake an injury, which does not work. On the way to school, he meets Huckleberry Finn, the town-drunks son, and they both arrange for them to meet at night to bury the dead cat Hu...

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... decide to enter the cave. Meanwhile, Huckleberry Finn sees two men with a box and follows them. He hears Injun Joes “revenge” plan of killing Widow Douglas. He decides to tell the people about it and warn her. Later on, Tom and Becky are discovered to be missing in the caves; so all the men begin looking for them. Tom and Becky are too weak to call out to them though. Tom ends up seeing Injun Joe in a nearby passage in the cave. He later discovers a way out of the cave and he and Becky return home. When he returns, he informs them about Injun Joe, not wanting him to starve as Tom and Becky did. When the cave is unsealed, Injun Joe is found dead. Later, Tom and Huckleberry Finn return to look for the treasure and find over twelve thousand gold coins. They become rich and Huckleberry Finn was now under the protection of Widow Douglas and is part of Tom Sawyers gang.
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