Adventures in Computer Games

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Adventures in Computer Games Today's world is based almost completely on technology. We use it to teach, learn, and design new ideas and theories. Many people like to argue that the old pen and paper way is best and don't like to think what computers are actually doing for us today. Computer gaming seems to catch a lot of the controversy of today's argument. People question the direction these games are leading our children. From an outward appearance they seem to be the replacement for individualism and imagination but from the inner perspective they are helping create a new generation of life enhancing skills such as anger management, reading writing, arithmetic, and even relationships. They can help with gender realization and growth within the brain cells. Computer games are good for both children and adults because they can enhance their daily lives. One of the common criticism of computer games is that they encourage violence. The opposing sides of this idea are saying that games may encourage "copycat" violence or increase feelings of rage. They feel that if children play these games for certain amounts of time, it will lead them to think that this virtual world is ok in the real world as well. For these young adults, they may be a problem with identifying what is real and what is not.
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