Adventures Career in Criminal Justice

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It’s like Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” A career is like a box of chocolates because you never know exactly what you’re are going to get, however, everything you get is going to teach you something along the journey that will make you the individual you are today. Pursuing a career is an adventure in itself and that’s what makes it exciting. There are many careers available, but criminal justice appears to be the most adventurous and provides many different avenues for an individual to choose from. Criminal justice history is advanced through cruelty, rebellion, discrimination, scheme, etc. The practice of criminal justice has been fashioned by many historical events and can be change at any moment. The foundation of our criminal justice system started in England and was eventually change due to the amendment of English Law to Colonial Law in our nation (highered.mcgraw). The cause of this amendment was due to the separation of the colonist from England and no longer having the need to survive the harsh conditions of the new world. These events lead to the colonists indulging in other activities that were criminal acts which birth the practices of America’s criminal justice. Today, criminal justice has evolved into many different departments such as the Police, Sheriff, US Marshall, FBI, CIA, SWAT, DEA, and ATF. All these components have one main focus and that’s to protect our society from any danger that tries to harm our community. Criminal Justice was created in England in twenty-seven B.C. in roman cities. Criminal Justice started out with just five men wanting to help keep their community safe. It has developed pleasantly over the years. Criminal Justice now requires that an individual must a fo... ... middle of paper ... ...r society because to keep people of the community safe. That why criminal justice/law enforcement is a good career to choose because your passion for the job, the salary you will be earned, and the benefits you will receive. Work Cited 1. “History of Law Enforcement-Police History.” Police Officer Preparatic Enforcement Resource. Real, 2014. Web 20 may 2014. 2.“Federal Bureau of investigation.” “n.p., 2014 web 23 May 2014 3. “FBI agent requirement/ College Finder degree match.” Degree Match finds your match online. N.P., 2014 web 23 may 2014 “hpw to become an FBI agent: 16 steps (with pictures).” Wikhow n.p.,2014 web 23 may 2014 “FBI agent: job description, duties and requirements. Educational portal. N.P., 2014. Web 23 2014

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