Advent of the Trojan War

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I disagree with this statement, there is evidence a Trojan War or Wars did happen, possibly around north-western Turkey. Eric Cline from the George Washington University says “The archaeological and textual evidence indicates that a Trojan War or Wars took place and that Homer chose to write about one or more of them making it into a great ten-year-long saga”.

In the Illiad the Trojan War was fought around 1200-1100 BC. The Illiad was writing by the blind poet Homer around 750 BC. Helen of Sparta was married to king Menelaus of Sparta. The Mycenaeans had recently formed a peace treaty with Troy. However this was all to change when Paris a prince of Troy kidnapped Helen and took her with him back to Troy. Paris had done this because he was in love with her. King Menelaus was furious and wanted revenge, he asked his brother King Agamemnon of Mycenaean to help gather an army and lay siege to Troy to get Helen back. The war lasted 10 years with Achilles the greatest warrior alive killing Hector son of King Priam of Troy. Eventually the Mycenaeans managed to siege Troy after a small gro...
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