Advantages of Solar Energy

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Solar Energy is energy obtained by the sun. Solar Energy could be obtained by Solar Panels. Solar Energy would be most efficient here in El Paso because a lot of Solar Energy could be stored here since most of the time the sun is always here. Some of the most modern things in the market today are powered by Solar Energy. In El Paso Solar Energy would be best suited for the city. That way the people in El Paso know for a fact that the pollution in the country is not caused by the city.
An advantage of Solar Energy is that it is easy to obtain. So here in El Paso it would be easy if the whole city would be powered by Solar Panels. Solar Energy is also very efficient. The panels could be charged during the day and when there is no sun, the energy from the previous day is already stored. “You can use home solar panels as a partial or full source of electrical energy for your home. These residential solar panels can be tied into the electric grid, or you can produce all energy you need and live "off the grid". Solar systems that are tied into the grid can even sell unused electricity back to a power company”. As said by a (worker of the Solar Panel company in

Another advantage of Solar Energy is that it is easy to switch from Electricity to Solar Energy or from Solar Energy to Electricity. For example, if there is no sun for a couple of days you need to go back to Electricity you just turn off the Solar Panels and connect the Electricity. If that takes to long they sell switches to go back from Solar Energy to Electricity. It is as simple as turning on a switch.

Another reason El Paso should have Solar Panels is because modern gadgets are powered by Solar Panels. Most of the people have Solar Panel powered technology. For example, most of the calculators sold at stores are Solar Energy powered. Some phones are being powered by Solar Energy. Some cars are now being powered by Solar Energy. Some cars here in El Paso run on Electricity when the car is out of Electricity. It needs to be charged in some places the chargers are runned in Solar Panels. So it is not completely good but not completely bad.
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