Advantages of Legalizing Prostitution

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Prostitution is known as the oldest profession and has been around for millenniums, dating back to Roman, Byzantine, Greek and Egyptian empires (Baldwin, 2004). The ancient cultures of those empires dealt with the needs of the group and consequently developed protocols for dealing with sexual relations that have propagated throughout time to the modern era. As a result, prostitution is prominent in society today. When analyzing the sex trade, the factors of cultural precedence, philosophy, religion and politics are what each country or society considers when deciding laws regarding prostitution (Liberator, 2005). Many idealists would like to see prostitution outlawed, however prostitution is a billion-dollar-global industry that is not going to disappear by outlawing it (Henderson, 2012). The critics of legalized prostitution insist sex for money is wrong because it brings harm to prostitutes. They state prostitutes are victims of abuse and often suffer from homelessness, alcoholism and dependency on other drugs. However, what these critics don’t report is a plan to help prostitutes. Prohibitionists retain their view as a result of moral codes, not because of unbiased study (Liberator, 2005). Prostitution needs to be legalized and regulated to better ensure the safety of prostitutes. Canada, has taken a step in the right direction by legalizing prostitution. The legalization and regulation of prostitution in Canada will result in a decrease in crime, an improvement in health and better social conditions for prostitutes throughout the country. The legalization and regulation of prostitution in Canada is the best way to ensure the safety of women within the trade.
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This source talks about divorce rates and how they relate to prostitution. I used this source in my essay to support my hypothesis that legalizing and regulating prostitution in Canada will create better social conditions. More specifically, I used this source for facts on institutional monogamy within countries.
Baldwin, R. (2012, March 17). I. Delian League and Athenian Imperialism. Classical Greece. Retrieved May 28, 2014, from
This source offers information about the history of prostitution. It talks about why prostitution is known as the oldest profession. The author of the website is Dr. Richard Baldwin who has a PhD in history. I used this source in my introduction. This website gave me information on former societies that had forms of prostitution.

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