Advantages of Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution Prior to researching, I had a strong belief that the Industrial Revolution was a “dark” time period where children and poor workers would gather in a disease-ridden factory where they would work for several hours a day for little pay. Workers would cough harshly as the intense smoke filled the air. Every day, children would die from exhaustion just to fill the wallets of factory owners. But further research has convinced me that the Industrial Revolution was a benefit to the human race. We gain so many benefits from it and to perceive the Industrial Revolution as a flaw in the history of the Earth would merely be an insult to its name. My goal is to eradicate this common misconception of the Industrial Revolution being “dark” times. I want to convince the audience that the advantages undoubtedly outnumber the very few disadvantages to come along it. Hopefully, by the end of this paper, you will have a far different perspective than Chin 2 before. Historical Context The Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain during the 1700’s. By the early 1800’s, the Industrial Revolution spread to other parts of Europe and America.(Placer) It revolutionized the way in which goods were produced; work done by hand were replaced by labor-saving machines. The cause of the Industrial Revolution remains yet to be identified however many believe that the Industrial Revolution was caused by a number of reasons. For example, there was a bigger demand for goods and the markets for manufactured goods grew bigger. This forced businesses to compete with another by trying to produce the most, inexpensively in a shorter period of time. (Placer) Because the United States had large deposits of iron and coal, 2 natural reso... ... middle of paper ... ...l Revolutionâ€� Brochure Copy.doc." Web. 01 May 2010. . Sparta. "The Benefits Of The Industrial Revolution | Content for Reprint." Content4Reprint - Free Article Encyclopedia. Web. 03 May 2010. . (Figure 2) Spinning Jenny. Digital image. Web. 3 May 2010. . Thot, Prof. "The Industrial Revolution: Advantages and Consequences | Socyberty." Socyberty | Society on the Web. Web. 01 May 2010. . (Figure 3) Train Travel. Digital image. Web. 3 May 2010. .
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