Advantages and Disadvantages of Big Data

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Big Data
All new innovations have their advantages and disadvantages, and big data is no different. There are plenty of positive reasons for companies to adopt the new technology, but these rewards do come with some negative side effects. The main advantages of big data include the increased speed, capacity, and scalability of the storage as well being able to manage this information more effectively. By using cloud storage, computing capabilities have increased. With internal hardware there are restrictions regarding the amount of space available, but with cloud computing of big data these restrictions are not as magnified. Also, the capital investment that is needed for hardware storage is no longer as large. This is beneficial to many businesses as capital is a significant issue for many operations.
Having greater speed and capacity is important; however how a business uses this new power determines the success of big data. Several advantages are factored into the use and application of big data. First of all, working with the information gathered can now be managed with less complicated steps than with previous programs. Since there is a large quantity of information cultivated, a requirement is to allow end users to find the appropriate information quickly. Big data applications can be run by non-information technology employees. The information is able to be manipulated efficiently as self-service analytic programs are being cultivated for all executives to have the ability to gain easy access. Charts, infographics, and dashboards are now accessible to more than the information technology specialists. The next application advantage is the evolution of data analysis methods and ...

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