Advantages Of Using Technology In The Classroom

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Technology use in Classrooms

Advancements in technology provide higher education students continuous updated study tools. There are increasing numbers of students and teachers who utilize technology within the classroom. There are several sources that illustrate both positive and negative response from both students and educators. This increasing focus on technology use in schools and the shifts in ways that modern-day learners communicate have impacted how classrooms employ the use of computers. Currently, teachers utilize various Web 2.0 tools to enhance their instruction. Such tools are also put to use relating to extending classroom communication outside of campus (Advantages of Using Technology in the Classroom). Many Americans over
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For example, many Americans have cell phones that they use form day to day. Cell phones is one use of technology that is very important to have to stay in touch with important people such as doctor’s appointments, different career paths in jobs throughout and individual’s life and family and friend’s emergences contact. Next, there are many young Americans that keeps a mobile device with them always at school for very important things. Many students use their mobile phone maybe to screen shot homework or games that are taking place at school to inform their parents. Then, using mobile technology can allow students to find out what is new in the world commutating with other young students across the world in a whole different atmosphere. By having mobility technology many Americans can connect to many people and different subjects throughout their schools. So, having mobility usage is important for many people see that it is important to stay connected with different people every…show more content…
For example, many young students can feel distracted when working with a computer in class. Additionally, some students are tempted to use their computer for social networking instead of classroom activities which can result in causing a distraction from the lessons taught that day. Second, use of technology in classrooms can cause many students to cheat on test or different assignments given to them. There are many different apps set up to help some students that are struggling pass a math test just by typing in the problem and letting the computer solve it for them. Thirdly, many Americans could find that the use of technology can bring some young students down and cause them to become very lazy. Laziness can be cause by a teacher making a student do the same type of programs over and over and not allowing the students to explore and have some free time to do their own research. However, the use of technology in the classroom prepares students for the technology demands of today’s economy market. Also, allowing computers in the classrooms reinforce the student’s responsibilities in regards to priorities.
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