Advantages Of Using Technology In Teaching And Learning Language

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Teaching or learning a new language depends on several ways of factors. Moreover, technology plays a great part in our last a few decade which support us with material, website, online teachers, news and so on. Whenever and wherever someone wants to learn or teach a new language, he or she should rely on one of technology devices. Otherwise, you are a good teacher or not. Technology has many characteristics especially when it comes to acquiring a new language. Furthermore, it saves time and it accelerates the learning process. Also, it gives an accurate evaluation for both the learners and the teachers, which helps to avoid mistakes in the learning process. Using technology is expensive but in the long term, it saves money and time. It is really…show more content…
Some of them have different level at the language from others. So if any educational system uses technology that will improve all levels of language learners. Moreover, the students will be responsible for themselves and for what they want to learn. They choose something that they are interested in such as sport, art, pets and start learning a new language through it. In a regular classroom, one teacher teaches many students and sometimes the teacher gets tired, but if the students get computers, they will learn continuously until they accomplish the goal of the lesson. They do not get shy if they do not understand. They keep doing the same exercise many times. That is the main point. Encouragement is the only way that students can learn and by applying technology, we stimulate them to discover all aspects of the target language. Teachers are human beings and they sometimes are not on the mood. But if we use technology and especially computers or smart devices they are stable. They do not change and they do not get bored. Also, they give instant results, which are faster than teachers. The need of using technology in all aspect of life made most countries did research about that. However, others started including them in their educational…show more content…
Nowadays, students could learning their new language whenever they go, if they Internet access in their smart phones or in their computer. They could learn by playing games or by listening to audio track. They will find thousands of websites that will lead them to the right materials. Also, they will not be afraid of making mistake and if they do they will learn from their mistakes. Making mistakes will develop students and teaching how to figure out the correct answer. The main point is to keep them motivated and keep them learning even if they have some problems in interactions with people around them. Also, they will get over these problems in the future because if will build their characters gradually. Then that will stimulate them to learn more about several things. They will be to express themselves clearly and confidently. Moreover, some programs are well organized, so you can arrange your ideas. You could also make your activity more interesting when you add come colors and pictures. So, the students will participate because they like activities with pictures and colors. They grab their attention and keep them active during the class lessons. That will make them attempt answering or doing their exercises many times until they get the right answer. At this point, there is no challenge with classmates but

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