Advantages Of Traffic Congestion

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Traffic congestion has become a huge problem in the developing countries, such as China and India. Nowadays a lot of people prefer to buy their own cars rather than using public transportation because they think it is more convenient and time-saving. Even though owning a car has so many advantages; however, it has certain setbacks as well, which outweighs the benefits. The more cars we have on roads, the more congestion we will have to deal with on daily basis. In the urban cities of China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou traffic congestion is constantly increasing every year because people are buying more cars. Another reason for traffic congestion is that the government isn’t developing new transportation infrastructure, such as…show more content…
To some people, it might sound like that the government is taking away the vehicle ownership right, but it will make a huge difference in China since it is the most populated country in the world. If every individual in China buys a car, then it will become difficult to manage all the vehicles, unless the government builds new infrastructure. The government should put a limitation on buying more than one vehicle per household, which will definitely solve the congestion problem. “In the name of congestion, safety, and even public image, certain cities---- including Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai severely restrict or ban motorcycles, small rural vehicles, small cars, and even bicycles” (par. 12). Even though, the city authorities are doing this to overcome the traffic congestion problem in these cities, it isn’t a good idea to ban bicycles and motorcycles since they are not as big as cars. The bicycles do not even make pollution unlike motorcycles. “Shanghai caps the number of new private car registrations annually, auctions auto registrations, limits parking, and makes it difficult to obtain a driver’s license. The city is considering a plan to charge cars for entering the central business district” (par. 12): Since the car registration is cheaper, it encourages more people to buy more than one car. Besides car registration fees, the government also needs to raise the parking fees: “For instance, it costs 5 yuan (about 60 cents) an hour to park in Guangzhou, but only 2 yuan (about 24 cents) for a whole day in Beijing” (Yan, par.4). These low parking fees are encouraging people to use their personal vehicles because most of the people believe if the parking is cheaper, then what is the point of using public transportation, which isn’t as comfortable as a
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