Advantages Of The Only Child

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Only Child Due to the legal limit, most of children who were born in China are the only child in their families. They don’t have any brothers or sisters. They are the kings or queens in their family. They don’t have to fight with their brothers or sisters for a toy. They don’t have to share anything with their siblings. They don’t have to take care of their younger brother or sister. They don’t have to do anything that they don’t want to do. Because they are the only child in their families, and their parents are given all of love to them. The only child is the core in most of families that just have an only child. Their parents will give them everything that they want. Therefore, they can own everything that they want easily, but in multiple…show more content…
Because they don’t have brother nor sister, they don’t have any kinds of family relationship with their families. This problem in English speaking countries are not too much difference, but in some of the languages have a lot of different names to call the different relationships, even just among the kids call the younger brother or sister and older brother or sister. And the kids who are in the multiple children’s family can always remember them. They can easy to figure out which name is used to call their parents’ younger brother or sister and which name is used to call their parents’ older brother or sister, because they have the same relationship with their siblings. Sometimes the different names will make the one who grows up in an only child’s family very confuse, and they will ask why the name of this person is different than that, but they are siblings, or why they both are cousin but have the different surname. Even somebody tells them the reason, they will forget that very quickly, because they don’t have to touch that kind of the relationships a lot, and nobody keeps reminding them, also some of the family members will just show up one or two times in the same
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