Advantages Of Team/Co Teaching

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Team/Co-teaching The idea of team/co-teaching throughout kindergarten to twelve grade is to include special education students in the general education classroom. This has become a more common way of giving students with disabilities an opportunity to be successful with in the general education curriculum (Bouck 47). The use of team/co-teaching in the classroom has been on the rise since No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was introduced, having every student (including special education students) take a state mandated test (Bouck 47). I think team/co-teaching could benefit students if it is conducted by both of the teachers correctly, but I’ve been wondering, does team/co-teaching really help meet the needs of all students? Is this the best way to include students with disabilities? What is…show more content…
In each of these settings, there is a general education teacher and a special education teacher. The one teaching, one observing approach is just that, one teacher is at the front of the class teaching while the other teacher is observing from the back of the room (Friend and Cook 168-170). Station teaching is simply different stations and one teacher at each of the separate stations (Friend and Cook 170-171). Parallel teaching occurs when the two teachers are parallel with each other and half of the class is facing and learning from one teacher and the rest of the class is facing and learning from the other (Friend and Cook 171-172). Alternative teaching happens when one of the teachers take a small group away from the whole group to pre-teach the lesson. Then, the students go back to the whole group to learn the lesson again with their classmates. If a student still has trouble after the lesson is complete, this method could be used to re-teach the lesson as well (Friend and Cook 172-173). During the teaming approach, the teachers take turns
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