Advantages Of Teaching In The 21st Century

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Teaching in the 21st century is utilising the many advances of modern technology to assist teachers and students within the learning environment. 21st century learning environments ensure the use of technology within the classrooms, as teachers aren 't the primary providers of information they are more facilitators to help gather information and their roles as a teacher is more to help students understand and learn from their research rather than provide the information to students. As stated by Dr Michele Bruniges AM “Pedagogy in the 21st century has to put the emphasis on the 4C’s - Collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication. In our fast-changing world, more of the same knowledge and skills will not address the challenges…show more content…
With the advancement of technology, students can now do their research online in a way that helps them learn best, some may watch instructional videos, some may listen to lectures, some may read reports and others may look at diagrams there are infinite possibilities to how you can learn in today 's society. With the higher amount of engagement from students and increased productivity of their learning students are receiving a higher and happier quality education is achieved more than traditional students. Linda Darling-Hammond believes that “Preparing teachers as classroom researchers and expert collaborators who can learn from one another is essential when the range of knowledge for teaching has grown so expansive that it cannot be mastered by any individual and when students’ infinitely diverse ways of learning are recognized as requiring continual adaptations in teaching.”(Darling-Hammond,…show more content…
Online learning means it is easier to learn whilst working, juggling family, and family commitments, as you are able to access your lectures and course work anywhere and anytime. Unlike in a traditional university where you have lectures and courses on at certain times and certain days. This also means that all people no matter what their socioeconomic status is can get a higher education as well due to the affordability of online learning as opposed to traditional schooling. (Norman, 2016). Online learning and online work doesn 't only affect students looking for higher education, technology is now commonly used throughout all of a child 's schooling, often today students are able to learn through online programs and interactive games (Bruniges, 2005). The incorporation of technology also means that students with additional needs are able to receive an equal opportunity to
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