Advantages Of Single Sex Education Vs. Co-Education

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Many people around the world are asking the question is single sex education better than co-education. Many people believe that single sex education is a lot better based on some polls and statistics that have been taken over many years. The first boy’s only school in the United States was founded in 1635. At the same time an all girl’s school was founded shortly after. The all girls’ school mainly taught manners and morals over mathematics and literature. Towards the 1800’s many people started to adopt the ideas of mixed classes compared to single gendered classes. Except back at this time in history everyone didn’t go to the same school they were still segregated so that black and white people went to different schools. By the nineteenth…show more content…
There are many studies that show the advantages in life that single sex schooled kids have over co-ed. People in single sex score higher on tests, stay out of trouble and are more willing to study a wider range of subjects than pupils in co-educational schools. Researchers also say that single sex schooling can help a person’s chances of getting into a better college. Also, studies show that single sex schooled people have a greater chance of getting better grades and test scores in college. "Single-sex schools can provide an important contribution, and the people it will benefit the most are disadvantaged children," said Cornelius Riordan, a sociologist at Providence College. People who are disadvantaged in their life do succeed greatly in their life through single sex schooling. The no child left behind act says that it will give underprivileged children to have the chance to be able to move to better schools and have the chance of being tutored for free. Also, the no child left behind act provides additional funding for schools to pay for quality teachers. So with the chance of being able to move from a somewhat poor school to more of an elite school and having good quality teachers more and more people have the chances of success. The no child left behind act includes single sex schools and others classes that need the innovation and funding from the government. Which means with all this money that single sex schools get from tuition they now can get more money from the government for their teachers and some programs so they can now focus the tuition money for other things such as sports? The act also states that private schools cannot deny any student because of their financial situation. This part especially gives more and more people the chance to succeed in school and life. Now that people know that a school cannot turn them down because of their financial situation they are

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