Advantages Of Representative Government

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A representative government is when power is controlled by the people. Through elected officials and representatives, they make decisions on the people’s behalf in the government. Decisions are made through a majority rules voting system, the Senate votes on the issue, then the president turns the bill into a law. In this form of government, the elected representatives hold the power because they are the ones who make resolutions to the citizen’s wishes. Laws are created by the legislative branch, then the law is enforced through the executive branch. The last branch of the three is called the judicial branch, which interprets and regulates the law. A representative government is different than other governments because they elect representatives…show more content…
A successful modern day example of a representative democracy is the country United States of America. This country has one of the longest standing systems of governments, more than 200 years. A representative democracy in the United States abides by the U.S Constitution since 1789. The Constitution splits the federal government into three branches of government so that power is evenly distributed. Each branch serves a different purpose from one another in governing the U.S, but all of them work together to manage its country. The legislative branch is made up of Congress and other departments that contribute services to Congress. There are two parts of Congress, Senate and House of Representatives. There are 100 senators, two for each state, and 435 representatives based on each state's population. Both senators and representatives are elected by the voters in their state, then serves a six-year term and two-year term respectively. The main purpose of the legislative branch is to make laws. The leading controller of the executive branch is called the President. The President serves four terms in office and can only be elected twice, they also are the ones who turn bills into laws. That is why the executive branch primary role in a representative government is to enforce laws. Lastly, the judicial branch consists of one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices that are part of the Supreme Court. They determine whether laws disobeys the Constitution and deciphers the meaning of laws. Furthermore, this form of government enhances the nation because each individual living in the U.S has the right to vote. Anyone can speak up and let their voice be heard, to create change in what they believe
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