Advantages Of Project Scheduling

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Time, cost and quality constraints relating to project management are interdependable and mutually exclusive. Hence a company should have a well-planned project scheduling to enjoy the fruits of time and cost related benefits. Scheduling hones the productivity and performance of an organization through customized management [2].
For example, consider a poorly planned schedule. In this kind of a project, employees don’t work seriously until the deadline for the project is near. Once the deadline is nearby, they tend to hurry up tasks which will have adverse effects on the quality of the project. Project done in a hurry will not be completed within the deadline as it can have unexpected issues. If the deadline is passed, the budget allocated for the project gets increased. Similarly, as quality gets degraded, products from the company are rejected by the clients which will finally affect the future of the company. Meanwhile, if the project is well planned, it
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Scheduling cost controls can help minimize materials and labor costs. There are three advantages of scheduling with respect to lowering labor costs. It maximizes workforce effectiveness, it manages costs such that labor costs can be scrutinized for efficiency opportunities and minimizes administrative costs by automating organizational tasks [2].
Scheduling allows organizations to review and manage work hours of teams and departments. In this way managers can identify budget estimates required, works pending and opportunities required for greater efficiency. An organization can use its time keeping systems to analyze and optimize labor costs. Time keeping system would help match and compare actual and estimated time and budgets giving a scope for lowering budget costs. Scheduling also helps in lowering administrative costs such as payroll and HR by automating them using time keeping softwares which are more
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