Advantages Of Plastic Recycling

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1 What are common recycled P
Plastics' popularity in our daily life makes it a small but significant aspect of waste streams. The scarcity of landfill space calls for plastic recycling. A study shows several most common plastics for recycling: polyethylene terephthalate particles (PET): excellent clarity, tough high density polyethylene waste (HDPE): high stiffness, toughness, resistant to moisture polyvinyl chloride (PVC): versatile, can be bended easily plastic coarse aggregate (PCA), shredded fibers of polythene bags, PET bottle fibers, waste polyethylene, granulated plastic waste, [1].

2 PR process
The four basic steps of plastic solid waste are re-extrusion, mechanical, chemical and energy recovery [2]. Various plastic waste products
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The ability of being recycled is in consideration when a plastic item is produced and Cycle analysis becomes a standard for production decision making. Products such as detergent bottles, park benches and directions on clothes are made of recycled plastics in more than 1700 plastic recycling companies and organizations in the United States today [2].

4 The advantage and disadvantage of plastic recycling [4]
The advantages of plastic recycling can be listed as follows:
a. Recycled plastics can be a sustainable resource of raw materials and sent to industries to be reshaped.
b. Recycling helps reduce the environmental problems since they are mostly non-biodegradable.
c. Relieving the landfill stress caused by increasing population and more urban areas.
d. Promoting energy recovery for the sake of less energy consumption.
On the other side, plastic recycling has some shortcomings [5]:
a. During the recycling procedure the harmful volatile organic compounds in plastic may be released to affect the air near industry site, which may also cause the health problem of animals and worker near the industry area.
b. Downcycling: Plastics become less useful after the recycling process, and the limited usage of recycled plastic reduce the area of application compared to new