Advantages Of Paying College Athletes

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The popularity of college sports has risen tremendously throughout the years amongst Americans. The passion to watch college basketball, football, baseball, and other sports has generated billions of dollars to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and to various athletic programs throughout America. Even though, colleges are raking in millions of dollars from their sports teams. “Last year 's National Collegiate Athletic Association ("NCAA") basketball tournament generated over $70 million in gross receipts” (Goldman).The NCAA prohibits payments, beyond educational scholarships, to athletes who are the source of these revenues. College athletes spend countless number of hours in their sport every day by attending long…show more content…
According to Solution Regarding Paying College Athletes or Not Is Simple by The Huffington Post states “let athletes benefit from their fame and likeness like every other student at our colleges and universities. Let them take endorsement money like the coaches that lead them”. The Olympic method will allow collegiate level athletes to take benefit from various boosters and endorsers who will give endorsement to athletes for their skill and fame. These endorsements can come through a variety of different avenues such as an athlete being paid for signing autographs for two hours at the local grocery store or an athlete being bought new clothes by an booster. Many colleges and universities will not have to pay their athletes if they are already receiving some type of payment for their skill and fame through different resources. Jay Bilas, ESPN analyst has stated according to “Right now my daughter is an artist and sells her work. There 's no restriction on selling her work as a college student. They 're not saying, ‘You dirty professional artist, you 're not allowed to be here” according to NCAA Critics Offer Ways to Pay College Players. College athletes should be able to sell their talent, skill, and fame just like any other student in a college or university will be able to do so without being punished, however college athletes are prohibited from receiving money from outside sources. The NCAA allows college athletes to receive money only through athletic scholarships which goes to the athlete 's

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