Advantages Of Living With A Roommate

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Go and find your person As you arrive to PSU, you may wonder whether or not it’s worth it to sign up for a college roommate. Even if you end up gaining a roommate that you hate, it’s still worth it because of what you gain. Rather depressing many of us go into college with bad expectations. How could I survive living with a stranger? A question I dwelled on as I entered the metal doors of Cedar Hall. Risking it all you jump into a pool of new opportunities, new friends, new life, new you. You move into a small dorm and live with a total stranger. A room so small you feel you are living in a jail cell. It is a different world. Learning to live with someone new is similar to finding your husband. Either you obtain pure luck and find your “person”,…show more content…
Many experience much worse. Many students I know resided with a crazy person who made it impossible to positively experience the college life. Many will argue that you should live alone during your college career. Making your life simpler you do not have to attend to the needs of another person you barely know. You can be messy or be your OCD self. You do not have to sleep with one eye open in fear your roommate is going to hurt you for leaving the light on. I would argue differently. So are ten reasons why living with a roommate is better than living alone: 1. You will always have a partner in crime: No matter what conspires, your roommate will be by your side to bail you out from any trouble you may be in. 2. You have your very own cheerleader: He / She will always have your back. They will support any dumb decision with enthusiasm. 3. When you are gone you know at least you will be missed by someone: When your roommate leaves for the weekend, life is not same. Not having your roommate is lonely. 4. You have an extra closet: This is my biggest blessing. Being able to rummage through your roommates closet gives you more…show more content…
Although frightening I believe taking the risk is worth it. College roommate relationships can be an important aspect of a student’s social development as well for mental health during a difficult transition. By constructing a meaningful relationship you can gain multiple dimensions of well-being, personal growth, you can gain a new aspect to life, and self-acceptance. By having Alex as a roommate I was able to be myself and find a person inside me who was hiding. So while many of you will argue that a college roommate is a terrible part of college---I argue the opposite---it was a blessing. Go out and walk into the door of your dorm---risk it all. Who knows the passive aggressive post it note freak might just be your future

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