Advantages Of Growing Up In A Single Parent Home

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Growing-Up in a Single Parent Home
Growing up in a single parent home can challenging for both the child and the parent, because of the need of both to compensate for the lack of the other parent. While living in a single parent home, a child is given all the tools they need to succeed, it could prove just as beneficial as opposed to a child growing in a home with both parents who neglect them. Children need comfort, love, and a undeviating emotional support system, who can teach them the ins and outs of the world. Children need strong male and female role models in their lives, but they don’t have to be a biological parent.
First, growing up in a single parent home has some possible disadvantages, financial constraints, emotional availability,
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When a household has only one parent, the child or children for a stronger bond with the parent, because of the need to rely on and communicate with one another. Children of single-parent homes at time mature and develop a sense of responsibility sooner than those of dual parent homes, because they are often depended on to pick slack with chores and other responsibilities around the house. Some view developing a mature sense of responsibility, as negative because they believe while the child must take on extra responsibilities, he or she is missing out on childhood. But what is considered a normal childhood? A childhood is what one’s life was like growing up as a…show more content…
It would be in one’s best interest when thinking of growing up in or maintaining a single-parent home, they should be reminded that it can be challenging for both the parent and the child, and the factors that influence a single-parent home can be vast, but the journey does not have to be fatalistic, but can be prosperous, if a child has the nurturing, love, and emotional support they
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