Advantages Of Four Day School Week

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Having a four-day school week is an ambitious proposal intended to help students work load. Those in favor of this shift believe that it will allow for more study time, and more time to go over the lessons for the week. Truthfully it will just add time onto the eight-hour school day a student already endures. As much as officials want to believe that a four-day week would provide more time to focus on the lesson it would only make students more exhausted. Kathleen Kingsbury reveals that “Parents also worry their children won’t have the time – or the energy – for after-school activities.” (3). Shortening the school week will not only add at least one hour to the typical school day, but also shorten breaks, and elective times, because of the…show more content…
Most officials and some students agree that Friday is a waste of time anyway, because it is when most schools have pep-rallies, and other spirit days. They argue that taking Fridays off a student’s schedule would reduce absences by allowing students to make Friday appointments. However, Friday is important for not only students’ academic success, but their social development as well. Kingsbury writes that “Many experts believe that, if anything, American youth should be spending more days in school than they already are.” (2). In the laid-back Friday environment, a teacher has more opportunity to teach in a less conventional way that has a larger chance of sticking in a student’s mind. By taking Friday out of the school schedule officials would be furthering the chance of a student forgetting what they learned the previous week. When a student is out of school for three or more days they tend to forget what, they were taught the previous week. Despite the thoughts that students would use the time studying a student will find ways to avoid studying at all costs, Kathy Hedberg and Kendra Nordin report that “[student] Jordan Damron doesn’t mind rising a bit earlier each day if it means he can have Fridays to do as he pleases.” (3). When a student is on a break the farthest thing from their mind is what they learned in school, this

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