Advantages Of Electric Vehicle

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According to an average American, most of the car owners drive about 40 miles every day to their place of work. The running costs can be significantly reduced by using an Electric Vehicle. Nissan Leaf, for instance, is one of the most popular electric vehicles in America. It has a range of 90 miles in a single charge of battery which means, it would need to be plugged in every two days. According to recent survey, the annual energy usage of an electric vehicle during charging is less than the usage of a central air conditioning at homes. Nissan Leaf Now we take Nissan Leaf and compare with gasoline car and find out what is different in price, fuel cost and fuel saving. Nissan Leaf is EV (electric vehicle) car. It is manufactured by Nissan.…show more content…
However, as technology progresses, these shortcomings can be addressed when these vehicles are subjected to mass production. This can be made possible only when people are made aware of the positives aspect of Electric Vehicles. One of the main disadvantage of Electric Vehicles being the high replacement cost of the battery. The automakers must research heavily on the use of Lithium Ion batteries which are currently being used, to something more advanced to reduce the cost to some extent. As far as the high initial cost of the EV’s are concerned, the difference one pays over a conventional Internal Combustion Engine vehicle, can be compensated with savings in annual fuel cost. However, one may need to modify their electrical system at homes but the cost won’t be substantial. An EV owner need not to worry about the fluctuating prices of Gasoline or Diesel. Moreover, Electric cars are a clean source of energy. One must realize the present condition of the environment and take necessary steps to rectify the global warming, depletion of ozone layer and melting of polar ice caps. True, few Electric cars on today’s roads won’t make much of a difference, but if we start acting now, few years from now might make little or some difference to our
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