Advantages Of Ebay And Alibaba

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Online channels in the U.S. shows promise for moving DJO Global shoes. The potential for online channels to buy large quantities of shoes at once will be successful if we find the right buyers. By selling large quantities at once, we can help free space, lower costs and avoid any possible barriers from selling to international buyers.


Our team decided to focus on eBay and Alibaba for acceptable online channels. Our research through these channels starts with the type of buyer that we are looking for and what that buyer is looking for. The type of buyer s that we are looking for are ones who sell larger quantities of similar, if not the same, style shoes. We also look for buyers who are seeking footwear like Dr. Comfort.
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Some benefits of selling on Alibaba is that they have such a large market share of over 640 million users, they have great global reach to buyers from many countries, they have high quality sourcing that makes it easy to find the right buyers and the accessibility allows everyone to be a user (10). Another advantage that Alibaba provides is their networking, the benefits arising from an expanding network of users of a product or service. The larger the network, the more valuable the product becomes to each user. Also, the cost savings associated with high volume of sales provides scale advantages and lower costs. Lastly, the cost associated to the economies of scale provides advantage by providing multiple sales channels in one port, from the variety of connected sites; Taobao Marketplace, Tmall and Juhuasuan…show more content…
Comfort shoes because of a price disagreement or trust issue. The options to create an eBay business store or use their valet service seems tricky and difficult to accomplish. With all the requirements of creating an online store through eBay would be too time consuming and overall not work as well as we would like. And with the option of eBay 's valet service, the reviews and time it would take is very discouraging for selling Dr. Comfort shoes.
Other things to consider about Alibaba is that the company does not have a great reputation and have a lot of complaints. Complaints consist of problems with products and services, along with billing, advertising and delivery (13). A couple things to consider when using Alibaba is knowing who the buyer is and review their company profile and make sure that they are verified, along with the company 's reliability(14).