Advantages Of E-Commerce

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Online business is gaining popularity in the current global market because the cost of conducting this type of business is reducing significantly over the decades. E-commerce is one types of e-business where physical goods are sold online using different strategies like websites and other platforms. E-commerce utilizes the concept of online store where goods are sold online in which the market identification is the key strategy for making the business a success. E-commerce will refer to subscriptions where a business entrepreneur use subscription services and the subscribers are made to deliver goods periodically. Blogging in e-business entails the use of information targeting a specific set of people, after which bloggers get their pay through…show more content…
The concept has led to intensified business opportunities, increased business with different countries, and hence increasing the market scope for the multinational organizations wishing to venture into e-marketing. Increased commerce leads to enhanced economy, thanks to e-commerce which has also led to a society with more job opportunities. B2C model is an approach used by the business partners to market their products online through an online store, sell their products and send it to their consumers. This model helps in enhancing communication between the sellers and the buyers on an online platform without meeting. The main advantage of using the application is that the service is offered free of charge, while at the same time, the consumers get to know a lot of information about various products. The two parties can exchange lots of information at lower costs using emails, an aspect that is never available in the physical purchase of the product. The wired marketing enables business people to reach a recommendable amount of people using the internet since marketers can send drip emails concerning the business to a large number of people at one time. Kickstarter as a platform enables continuous innovation to people so that they come with better ways of conducting business online in order to enhance…show more content…
It will be a significant increase in the region since it will reflect a growth of about 18%, which is way above the USA and stands to be the leading in the world. Some of the significant aspects that make the country gain a competitive advantage is the Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall, which dominate regional market. Most Asian countries like Japan, India, and South Korea are also fighting for dominance in the e-commerce an aspect that makes Asia become the leading in the world. The above figures, therefore, give an indication of the future growth of e-Commerce in different parts of the world is expected to be as time goes

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