Advantages Of Due Process

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American legal system are guarantees of due process found?

The “Due Process” law is a term that gives a procedural fairness through a criminal proceeding. The law protects an individual rights through the Bill of Rights. The “due-process model” is to “ensure that innocent people are not convicted of crimes.” In 1960 the “ due- process standard” , Chief Justice Earl Warren, had the effort of to protect innocents from the “power of the state in criminal proceedings.” There is a split between “Substantive” and “Procedural” due process. Substantial mandates and defines the rights, and the procedural process imposes “ those rights or seeks to redress for their violation.” Due process gives the fairness of the following principles that does
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If an officer were to do a search on a property,to do so the police officer must have evidence to get a warrant. There can be an abuse of of power of a police officer contradicting the Fifth Amendment by using statements as evidence of committing a violation. Abuse of power can be using brutality on citizens, by using police force tactics as a tool of assault. The list of abuse by police is a form of a corrupted police officer when abusing authority for the public.

In what kinds of situations are police officers most likely to use force? When has too much force been used?

The situations in which police officers have to use force is by “reasonable circumstances.” Defined to be the acquired of physical restraint with a citizen of the public. Within an encounter, and officer is trained to use an amount of force when approaching a restraint that is not comprehensible. The use of force can be pushing or hitting, but also be threatened with a baton stick, a police dog, or pepper spray. Most situations of the use of force is merely grabbing, and interlocking of the body, retraining through handcuff, or chemical weapons. Studies have shown that police are most likely to use force during an arrest of 39%, disturbance of 21%. And domestic encounter at 11% on a graphic scale pie

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