Advantages Of Becoming A Doctor

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Becoming a doctor is an inspiring dream of many teenagers and young adults. However, there is a huge difference between wanting to become a doctor and actually making those dreams come true. Between undergraduate, medical school, and residencies aspiring doctors can spend anywhere from 8-15 years of their life preparing for their profession. Investing this much time into anything requires a tremendous amount of commitment and perseverance. These two traits alone will not guarantee a person a spot as a doctor. One will also need an outstanding work ethic, some intellectual ability, and a little bit of luck. Unfortunately, there is still a hindrance that may prevent many qualified people from becoming physicians. This obstacle that stops many…show more content…
The other 51% is made up of every other race and nationality, including Asian, Latino, African American, Native American, and many more. African Americans and Latinos each make up about 4% of all the doctors in the United States, while Asians account for 11% of the U.S. doctors (Conrad). This poses the question, why is there such a large difference between the number of doctors in each race? The most obvious explanation is the population of each race in the United States. About 77% of the United States population is Caucasian, while only 18% is Latino, 13% is African American, and 6% is Asian (Thompson). These statistics help explain why around 50% of all U.S. doctors are white, but it causes questions concerning the other races. In the United States, there are approximately half the number of Asians than African Americans, yet there are almost three times as many Asian physicians than there are black physicians. Even more so, there are three times more Latinos in the U.S. than Asians, but once again there are three times as many Asian doctors as there are Latino doctors. The population has some effect on things, but there must be another factor determining who becomes doctors in the United

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