Advantages And Limitations Of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics offers new narrative possibilities compared to traditional print graphics - but motion graphics may also introduce limitations easily overcome by non-moving graphics. Take at least two examples of each kind of graphic form and compare the communicative strengths and weaknesses of each.

The obvious similarity between motion graphics and non-moving graphics is they both seek attention through demanding imagery. Throughout this essay I will discuss which type of graphic does this most successfully. Where motion graphics excels in narrative and story telling, non moving graphics are able to engage audiences through a powerful single image. However both types of graphics have their limitations, where one fails the other exceeds.
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Jennifer, 2012, online) wrote how the ' 'use of motion graphics in animation can easily help to simplify the message of the content carried by the main data ' '. This is a massive positive for motion graphics as it is able to uncomplicated information and methodically form an engaging piece of advertising that will appeal to a majority of audiences. Whereas, single image advertising is unable to portray all the information necessary and instead have to rely on customers to discover this for themselves. A motion graphic advertisement that engages the audience perfectly is the 'Care to click ' campaign. This company video is able to command notice through powerful graphics which aims to support every kind of charitable cause from animal welfare to cancer. Infographics is cleverly used which methodically and carefully describes how the website will help these causes. The video effectively simplifies the message to a short and precise outcome which clearly allows the audience to understand what actions they can take. Quickly viewers are fully engaged and are absorbed with information within a short time frame without a conscious effort made, which would be difficult through a non-moving graphic advertisement. Further more motion graphics welcome viewers to take time to watch and enjoy videos without much persuasion, which means the video is more likely to be remembered. This is reinforce through (Blagden, R.,2014, online) where he wrote how motion graphics are ' 'easy to…show more content…
Any information that could be easily forgotten or missed in a motion graphic can be efficiently re-discovered in a static image. An advertisement that appreciates this is the 'SANCCOB saves seabirds ' non profit organisation. This shocking campaign aims to protect threatened seabirds, and raise awareness of the penguin 's critical situation. The simplistic black and white design inspired by the artist M.C.Escher portrays an optical illusion of the penguins gradually becoming fewer resembling the decline in the species. This is portrayed wonderfully in a frozen image format, which gives the impression the problem has been captured before its too late and there is still hope for the surviving penguins. At first glance observers may not initially understand the image, however with further interpretation the message becomes more powerful. This can not be said for motion graphics where the message is obviously projected in front of customers which may cause boredom amongst viewers after a short time

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