Advantages And Disadvantages Of Year Round School

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Does year-round school truly have a positive impact in the lives of students? Various studies have suggested that this way of providing the calendar is helpful. Although, it has been proven that there are some disadvantages to this type of schooling prevents all schools from switching to this type of scheduling. In earlier times schools only taught throughout half of the year so that the school would be out of session when it was time to work in the fields. This type of scheduling is still common today, even though only a small portion of agriculture is tied into education and kids are no longer required to work. “In 1994, the National Education Commission on Time and Learning (1994) urged school districts to develop school calendars that…show more content…
Year-round schools use what is known as a track system. These schools have a certain number of tracks that interchange student and teacher schedules. While some students are attending school, other students are on break. While this allows for a greater school population, it could lead to family disruptions if siblings are not on the same track schedule. This type of calendar could also lead to greater stress on the teachers because they would have to keep up with their classroom schedules if they work more than one track. Another disadvantage to this type of school calendar would be that there would be a greater need for office, cafeteria, and custodian services. Other reasons why people would think that a year-round school calendar is not efficient is because you would have students testing at different points in the year, and ceremonies and graduations would all have to be planned accordingly. Year-round schools that have many different tracks would be required to pay more money to operate the school for a longer period of time. In addition to these disadvantages one of the most important would be the price for transportation. This could become costly with students all on different tracks because the buses would be needed more often than those in traditional

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